Things you probably didn’t know about carrots

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Treat the enlarged spleen

An enlarged spleen area will give that part a “solid” feeling when squeezed. This normally happens due to an infection. The symptoms are a slight fever, at the very beginning, and bleeding from your gums. After that, you may find yourself suffering from diarrhea, in which the lining of the intestine and blood is passed. The whole body begins to suffer from edema due to water retention. It can be life threatening. People with malaria will suffer from an enlarged spleen. Take carrot pickles and add black salt, asafoetida and cumin seeds to them. Eat these pickles after lunch and dinner for 7-8 days. It is excellent as a spleen healer.

Try this remedy, which has been used for centuries to treat your spleen. Take a cup of carrot juice, with half a pinch of ammonium chloride, at dawn. This is also known as Sal ammonia. This will start to heal your spleen.

Cure gallbladder problems

The gallbladder attached to the liver produces bile for digestion. I didn’t know you could fix gallbladder problems so easily by just taking 250g of fresh carrot juice, along with the juice of one lemon three times a day. Try it. Alternatively, you can drink 2 cups of carrot juice, along with 8 tablespoons of spinach juice, four times a day. I like spinach, so I prefer this method. It’s a great detoxifier, and it’s going to keep my gallbladder healthy. Also add more raw carrots to your diet because prevention is better than cure. People who eat a lot of carrots are never going to suffer from gallbladder problems. Do you have cabbages around? Try this remedy consisting of 200 g of carrot juice, with one hundred grams of cabbage juice, drunk, after lunch and dinner. It’s excellent.

Cure jaundice

This is an old family remedy for jaundice. Take a spoonful of neem juice and put it in a cup of carrot juice. Give it to the patient morning and night. You can also try feeding the patient 2 tablespoons of Indian gooseberry juice and honey in a cup of carrot juice. Now it is a panacea, which has been all the rage in places where you can get a lot of cane juice.

In fact, as a child, we were encouraged to drink plenty of fresh sugarcane juice, as it would keep our liver functioning in an area where jaundice was rampant due to contaminated water. Take half a cup of carrot, orange and spinach juice, and a cup of cane juice. Drink this 4 times a day. This will heal your body within 10 days, depending on the severity of the jaundice.

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