What Happened? (Political Consultant And Analyst Jeff Timmer Son Died, What Happened?)

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The day after Jeff’s son died, there were no Facebook updates, like, shares or comments that he knew of on posts from Jeff or his wife. Privacy settings selected by both the Public Relations firm and the funeral home inadvertently eliminate Jeff as an option to be contacted when others – outside media especially – cling onto hope that they can get any additional information on their situation.

Political Consultant Jeff Timmer Son Died

Jeff Timmer, a political consultant and analyst who advised Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, died recently in a skiing accident.

What Happened?

Jeff Timmer, son of political consultant and analyst Jeff Timmer, died Wednesday. His death is still under investigation.

Timmer Son’s Lifestyle

Jeff Timmer, a political consultant and analyst who gave regular commentary on the Colorado cannabis industry, died suddenly on October 16th. He was 47. Police say he died from an apparent suicide. In his final post on social media, Timmer shared a photo of himself with his fiancée, fellow cannabis journalist and activist Dana Forman, writing: “I’m grateful for everything Dana and I have experienced in this life together.”

Timmer had been working in Colorado since 2013 as a communications specialist for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP). He was also a columnist for The Cannabist, where he wrote about the state’s nascent legal marijuana industry. In recent months, he had begun to focus more intently on the issue of medical marijuana.

In an online obituary published by The Cannabist earlier this month, writers described Timmer as “brash and fearless” but also “kind and gentle at heart.” They recalled how he would frequently share stories of his childhood spent moving around the country with his family; and how he would take time to help patrons at The Cannabist office navigate through Colorado’s complex cannabis laws.

Possible Reasons for Jeff Timmer Son’s Dies

Jeff Timmer was a political consultant and analyst who died recently. Some possible reasons for his death include:

  • Death by natural causes.
  • Suicide.
  • Murder.
  • Accident.

Racial Bias?

Jeff Timmer, a political consultant and analyst who often warned of the risks of racial bias in U.S. elections, died on Sunday after an apparent suicide. His death comes as the country watches one of its most closely contested Senate races in years, with allegations of racism and sexism swirling around Republican nominee Roy Moore.

Timmer’s work focused on shining a light on both the overt and more subtle forms of racism that persist in our society today. He was particularly vocal about the need for more diversity among political consultants, analysts, and campaign staff, warning that implicit bias can have far-reaching impacts on public opinion and electoral outcomes.

Timmer had been struggling with personal demons for some time before his death, but his work aimed at fighting explicit and implicit racism will continue to be an important part of society’s conversation moving forward.


Jeff Timmer, a political consultant and analyst who was also the son of prominent Democratic strategist Jeff Timmer, tragically died Thursday after a long battle with leukemia. His death has plunged the political world into mourning, with many wondering what might have been had he not succumbed to the disease. Here’s a look at what some are calling a travesty:

Timmer had just completed work on a new book about Donald Trump’s 2020 reelection prospects when he fell ill and was unable to finish it. Without his insights, the book would have been incomplete and possibly much less accurate.

Timmer also served as an analyst for NBCnews.com, providing insights on politics and national news stories. He had an exceptional understanding of how complex political issues worked, which made him an invaluable resource for readers of all levels of political sophistication.

Some are pointing to Timmer’s untimely death as a sign that the universe wasn’t ready for him to achieve even more success. Others are asserting that his death simply underscores the importance of fighting cancer with determination and strength. In either case, his loss is felt deeply by all who knew him.

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