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Michael James Owen, born in England on December 14, 1979, played as a striker for many teams, including Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United, Manchester United, and Stoke City, and the national side of England. His last season on the field was 2011, and he immediately retired. He is a regular contributor to BT Sport’s football coverage and has made appearances on the BBC’s Match of the Day. Owen began his professional career with the Reds in 1996. His father Terry Owen played for Liverpool. In his first professional game in May of 1997, he scored after working his way up through the Liverpool youth system. After his first full season in the Premier League, he finished as the league’s second-leading scorer. The next year, he scored even more goals, and from 1997 through 2004, he led Liverpool in goals scored. With a hamstring injury that kept coming back, he proved to be a consistent scorer. Owen was awarded the Ballon d’Or in 2001 after leading Liverpool to a treble of club honors (UEFA Cup, FA Cup, and Football League Cup). In 216 Premier League games, he scored 118 goals for Liverpool, and he finished his Liverpool career with 158 goals in 297 games. Owen, one of Liverpool’s finest players, was nominated for and placed fourteenth in the official fan ballot “100 Players Who Shook The Kop.” When Owen signed for Real Madrid in the middle of 2004 for a reported £8 million, he was mostly used as a substitute. After signing a £16 million contract with Newcastle United to become their new striker, he returned to England the following season, where he scored 13 goals in La Liga.
After getting off to a hot start in 2005–06, injuries sidelined him for the better part of the subsequent 18 months. Upon his return to the club, he was immediately chosen captain and went on to finish the 2007-08 season as the team’s top scorer. The 2008–09 season saw Newcastle demoted from the Premier League, and after that season, Owen signed a free agent deal with Manchester United. He spent three years at Manchester United before making the move to Stoke City in September 2012. Owen is one of just seven players to ever score 150 or more goals in the Premier League. In addition, at age 21, Owen became the youngest player in Premier League history to score 100 goals. After the 2012-13 season ended, Owen made the decision to retire from professional hockey, which he did on March 19, 2013. In 1998, at the age of 19, Owen made his debut with the senior England side, becoming the youngest player and youngest goal scorer in the country’s history. He became a household name with his performance in the 1998 FIFA World Cup, and he continued to rise in the soccer world by scoring goals in subsequent tournaments like the UEFA Euro 2000, the 2002 FIFA World Cup, and the UEFA Euro 2004.

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Sir Michael Owen Value at Death: $4,000,000
Here is the most recent data available about Michael Owen’s wealth and salary for the year 2021:

Earnings/Salary of Michael Owen :

Amount Annually: $4,000.00

Costing $32,000 monthly

Dollars 8,000 per week

How Much Does It Cost Per Day, Hour, Minute, Etc.

$ 1,140 USD per second.

$ 19

$ 0.3 $ 0.05
Michael Owen’s Wealth According to the Wiki
Amounting to $4,000,000
Created on December 14th, 1979
Born in the City of Chester, England
Height 1.73\sProfession
Job Duties of a Football Player
Michael Owen is the captain of Newcastle United F.C. and goes by the monikers “John Cena,” “Owen,” “Michael,” Owen, James
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